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Shaun Tilley began his career on commercial radio in South Wales during the mid-80’s. He was then heard on Radio Caroline and BBC World Service before he became the youngest national DJ since Kid Jensen to land a job at Radio Luxembourg. During this time, Shaun was in charge of his own nightly show consisting of many sponsored programmes and he revealed the legendary Luxy Top 20 every Sunday night. He also co-hosted the station’s last ever broadcast on its famous 208 frequency in 1991.

He fronted prime-time shows on stations in each of the UK’s Top 10 biggest cities before returning to national radio with The (Capital) Gold Network in London. He was the last ever host of the daily mid-morning show on Gold, before it adopted a ‘No DJ’ format. In 2012, his contribution to broadcasting was recognised in two BBC Radio 2 documentaries when Shaun was interviewed by Noel Edmonds and Paul Gambaccini.

These days, you might catch him now and again on BBC Four Television as his face regularly appears on the Top of the Pops ‘Story Of’ series plus he presents Top of the Pops Playback as well as 70’s and 80’s Heaven on BBC Local Radio in the South.

Shaun, according to many of his UDJ colleagues, “Is a DJs DJ”.

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