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United DJs is all about handing control back to music loving DJs.


As radio progressed from the heady days of Alan Freed’s Rock’n’Roll era, then on into the spontaneity and passioned delivery of the Pirate Stations around the UK – the money men began to see the bottom line, the profit margins, as the most important aim of a radio station. In came statistical studies and music and market surveys – all based on mathematical calculations by bean counters – The Suits had arrived – and they ripped the very essence out of personality radio – they trained (insisted) that their “presenters” use cue cards and become robots, who no longer had any control over what they said, or indeed ANY of the music that they played. This was the start of the short playlist and high musical rotation. This was all about the money – and NOT about any entertainment value.


United DJs are bringing the wall down – welcome to the next revolution in radio – UDJ.


Some of you will fondly remember the free radio days of yesteryear – some of you will now experience it for the first time. Whatever musical era you enjoy – we’ve got you covered – need a friend at the other end of the microphone who says more than “that was/this is” almost every link? – we’ve got you covered…..


UDJ is a breath of fresh air – we are a global station with world class DJs – DJs who are passionate about the music they play – and passionate about what they say….


Welcome to The Station of the Stars – welcome Back To The Future.

Meet the DJs

He was created a Knight of Malta in 2011 is Chairman of the British Plaque Trust With his blue plaque Trust hat on, he also devised and spearheaded the 50 Blue Plaques to music icons for BBC Music Day in June 2017. Mike is also an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, founder of the Rupert […]

EMPEROR ROSKO STILL “RULES THE WAVES”!!! EMPEROR ROSKO has been “rulin’ the air waves” for about 50 years. For the millions of listeners who enjoy ROSKO with his American accent and international ‘flava’ deliver a really great eclectic selection of upbeat music combined with his insights to local, national and international news, he is the […]

David Hamilton is one of Britains best known radio and TV personalities with a career spanning over five decades. During that time he has presented over 12,000 radio shows for BBC and commercial stations and over 1,000 TV shows mainly for BBC and ITV, but also on satellite. David brings a wealth of experience to […]

Tony’s extraordinary career began singing with a north of England group, The Jasons. He became professional when joining the Johnnie Francis Orchestra and doubling up as the Oldham Top Rank venue’s disc jockey. Moving with the band to Bristol from Oldham, Tony ran into the Musician’s Union who expelled him from the union when his […]

A broadcasting legend. A man who many still call “Kid Jensen” – a nickname he was given by DJ Paul Burnett back in 1968, when David joined Radio Luxembourg at the age of 18-years-old, where he stayed for six years. The Canadian-born personality joined BBC Radio 1 in 1976 and shot to fame, while also […]

If you want to meet a radio man, let us introduce you to Peter Antony who’s career was a radio DJ’s dream. His highlight, before joining United DJs Radio was undoubtedly living and working in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where he earned his international radio spurs. It all began for Peter in the early […]

Eddy was born in Guyana and from the age of two he showed a love for music. His father was a fantastic musician and used to take him along to his rehearsals, but Dad wanted his son to be a doctor. At 12 Eddy moved to England to join his parents in London, he’s started […]

Served my apprenticeship into Radio at BHBN (Birmingham Hospital Broadcasting Network) then joined BRMB Radio where I spent 5 years before moving to Radio Luxembourg where I spent 11 years. While on 208 I wrote pop columns in tabloids such as The Daily Mirror and Woman’s own Magazine. Researched, wrote, voiced and produced The History […]

Mike has had a keen interest in audio and loudspeakers for most of his life – following a spell working for a company designing and installing large sound systems in the 70s – he was asked to stand in for a DJ one night, and that was the start of a whole new episode in […]

Paul’s love of Radio started when he was 9 years old and the proud owner of a pocket AM transistor, discovering the delights of Radio Luxembourg & RNI at nights. He signed up for hospital radio during his misspent “yoof” and also ran what became a reasonably successful mobile disco business ultimately catering to the […]

Pearl’s a singer born in Tuskegee, Alabama having worked with The Flirtations the group who had hits with ‘Jerk it’ ‘Nothing But a Heartache’ ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ ‘Someone Out There’. She went solo and had hits with ‘Action’ ‘Burning Love’ and ‘Fandango Dancing’. Arriving in the UK she appeared on the BBC television show […]

Howard has worked in high profile roles for some of the biggest media owners such as RTL (Radio Luxembourg), the UK’s Independent Radio Network, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Virgin Radio, the Guardian Media Group, ITV, Viacom and BSkyB. His substantial experience at various levels in the broadcast industry has seen him as a […]

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