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New Albums – Eliot Kennedy

Single – Eliot Kennedy ‘My Destiny’

Label – Spinnup

Release Date – 16th October

EP is a Four Tracker Featuring:-

Eliot Kennedy ‘My Destiny’ (Radio)

Eliot Kennedy ‘My Destiny’ (DMC Sound Of Faz Remix)

Eliot Kennedy ‘My Destiny’ (DMC Steve Franklin Remix)

Eliot Kennedy ‘My Destiny’ (DMC DJ Ivan Santana Remix)

‘My Destiny’ is the first track taken from the forth-coming album

from Eliot Kennedy called “A Yacht Named Sue”

“This is the first single from the Internationally awarded hit songwriter Eliot Kennedy.

Eliot has written and produced so many World Class Artists including:- Take That, Gary Barlow, Bryan Adams, Spice Girls, A recent billboard number one with Aretha Franklin, Donny Osmond, Celine Dion and so many more!

After writing hits for countless artists he has finally made his first ever solo artist recording!”

Soul, funk, dance and a fabulous vocal all wrapped up into ‘My Destiny’ with remixes from DMC Producers.

There’s also his fabulous relaxation and chill album just been released called “Mind Music”. Create in lockdown to ease the mind of all the rigours of lockdown and beyond.

Both albums are available from all the usual digital outlets.


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