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Adrian’s pop mad teens turned to a radio ambition at around 14 after a kindly aunt had bought him a Christmas present of a Philips battery Radio self-assemble kit.

While testing this battery operated radio, quite by chance Adrian found that if he touched part of the circuit, it would interfere with other radios in the home – in other words, it was transmitting. After a quick modification this modest little medium wave radio had been transformed into a MW transmitter. Music and speech were both possible. This was very exciting. Adrian named his ‘station’, ‘Radio Star’. The range was poor but the neighbours either side of his home became regular fans of the ‘shows’ – a radio DJ was born.

His journey to the big airwaves took Adrian first through hospital radio, local club residences and then to London’s Lyceum, The QE2 ship, Radio Top Shop and from there, straight to Radio 1.

Adrian began presenting a Saturday morning show called ‘Wake Up To The Weekend’, which expanded to Sundays. Then Adrian moved to weekday mornings to present the Early Show.

Adrian was frequently heard depping on the Breakfast Show for Mike Read while also presenting a new music feature on BBC World Service.

Adrian’s TV appearances included games shows and being alongside Noel Edmunds on Juke Box Jury where he regularly quizzed holiday makers at seaside locations.

The first appearances on Top of the Pops were prior to becoming a DJ. Through sheer cunning he blagged his way into the TV studios and now can still occasionally be seen on repeats, dancing in the audience. It was not until after his arrival at Radio 1 that Adrian fulfilled a dream to actually present Top of The Pops making several appearances.

Adrian was a regular presenter of the Radio 1 Roadshow and appeared at locations across the UK.

Adrian really enjoyed Radio 1 but was keen to work in different areas of radio including phone-ins, so gave notice to Radio 1. The Sun reported in their ‘Bizzare’ column, that Adrian had become the first of the main presenters to quit the station. It was a move that took the station by surprise and a large gathering was held for him in Broadcasting House.

Adrian began working for Invicta, Capital Gold, Great North Radio and Magic but Adrian was becoming disillusioned by the limited range of music and the excessive control exerted on presenters in some of these commercial settings.

It was his work on BBC Radio Kent where his phone-in show pulled massive night time audiences that Adrian found another direction. Many phone-in callers were in bad situations, heavily bogged down with the problems of life and some were even suicidal. Adrian felt strongly that he wanted to help them. The way he handled such calls grew great admiration from the people of Kent. In spite of this it was a light-hearted show with a great deal of comedy. However, while there, he was contacted by a health professional who told Adrian about his talents helping the problem callers had been noticed. In time Adrian trained in social care settings and eventually became a highly qualified psychotherapist. During the latter time of his training Adrian made his final radio appearances (he thought), presenting the Breakfast Show on Big L. “It was a time of enormous fun”. This was some years ago and since then Adrian has devoted all his working time to helping people with problems in his other role.
Adrian says, “warm, spontaneous, music loving radio is back! Unlike many stations, ALL listeners matter. United DJs will be brought to you by devoted accomplished radio personalities, whose passion for music and creative flair is the very essence of the everything they do.

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