Alton Andrews

Alton’s career started like many DJs in night clubs and disco’s in The UK and Scandinavia. September 1984 was a turning point going into radio and joining Radio Caroline out in the North Sea. After two 3 month stints Alton joined Radio Top Shop in London’s West End, In store radio at its very best. By Late 1985 it was a move to The Italian- French border on Riviera 104. A year later he joined the Legendry Radio Luxembourg 208.

He has also worked in UK commercial radio as well as local and regional BBC Radio. His career moves include BFBS working all over the world which saw him flying out to Saudi Arabia where he broadcast before and during the war, an interesting experience to say the least.
Alton, so far as we know, is the only British DJ to have worked on AFRTS ( American Forces Radio Television Service) and BFBS at the same time during the Gulf war.

These days he broadcast on a German FM station live from his home studio in the UK.

Alton says: “Joining the UDJ team on this new radio station is exciting and a real challenge as I become part of an extremely talented team of DJ’s. United DJ Radio is going to be a real game changer in Internet radio”.

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