Tilly Rutherford has been a music lover all his life from growing up in war torn Coventry. His music career started when he was around 14 as a duo called The Decktills who performed at local working men’s clubs . He then started singing with various groups but realised that it wasn’t for him and started DJing in the breaks of all the live acts, first with just a mic plugged into their PA and a multi play Dansette record player.  Eventually Chantilly graduated to twin decks and spent many years DJing in clubs and ballrooms throughout the Midlands.  This was the time he opened his own record store with partner Pete Waterman.

Soon the bright lights of London beckoned and Tilly and Pete both joined the fledgling Magnet Records where he was instrumental in signing The Darts, Matchbox and Bad Manners. His next year was with Red Bus and then PRT until, finally setting up his Lisson record label with Waterman and then standing  at the helm of the immensely successful PWL record company.

Tilly has been a consultant to many companies in the Music business over the years and once had his own Music Week column. Nowadays Tilly controls his successful digital music company from his home and in his spare time is back with his love for listening to and playing Doo Wop and Rock ‘n’ Roll records of which he has a formidable collection which he will now share with you on United DJ Radio.

“Hip-Hop is the ground sheet for the music industry we know today” says Tilly. “It was sung on street corners by kids just like the rappers today and, the best part about both these movements was, money was never their motivation. It was all about loving their music”.

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