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Cutmaster Swift (CMS) is one of UK’s original architect’s of Turntablism, and was encouraged by his father to explore music to the full by providing him with a record player and selection of reggae singles at the age of 6, but it was the introduction of Hip Hop originally from the US and ‘Scratch Mixing’ (original name) was his calling to become a professional DJ!

Swifty initially gained popularity as a Break dancer (B-Boyin’), adopting the name Swift from ‘Prince Ken Swift’ his favourite member of the legendary ‘Rock Steady Crew’.

London’s Convert Garden became the residential home for the capital’s first generation of followers of Urban street culture.  If you were a DJ, MC, Beat boxer, or Street dancer you became known as B-Boy’s or B-Girl’s.

New York became the home of Hip Hop as the Cutmaster studied and mastered what what was being pioneered by legends like Grandmaster Flash, Grandwizzard Theodore, Jazzy Jay, Grandmixer DST & Whiz Kid. As he developed his style and technique, Swifty fund a new sparring partner from East London, the determined up and coming DJ Pogo!

In London Cutmaster Swift became a regularly feature on Tim Westwood’s  Capital Rap show where he was given the opportunity to present regular mixes on his Tim’s show contributing to the turntablist’s reputation!

In 1988 Swifty entered the DMC World DJ Mixing Championships through the persuasion of UK Hip Hop entrepreneur ‘Ricky Rennalls’…

“It seemed like a logical move to make. Ricky suggested that should Pogo not win (which everyone expected) then I could be the London alternative”.

Swift was one of the first real technical & entertaining DJs winning the UK title outright after which a DMC career was carved.

“Winning a DMC title put me on an international level, opening up the world for me, in my Championship year I played throughout Europe and went as far as Hong Kong, Egypt, Russia, Bratislava & Australia!”

But it was the following year, 1989 when he became the first champion to successfully defend his DMC UK title going on to win the World DJ Championships at the Royal Albert Hall.

In 1999 DMC introduce the DJ Team Champions World Tour featuring Swift alongside his sparring buddies DJ Pogo & Biznizz who, together, took the UK’s first Team title as the En4cers. This was the year they beat hot favourites, The Scratch Perverts into second place!

Cutmaster Swift has been a full-time producer within the DMC production and management team from wher he now brings you his weekly hip-hop show.

He says, “I hope we can satisfy hip-hop fans everywhere and entice new fans into the genre”.

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