David Hamilton

David Hamilton is one of Britains best known radio and TV personalities with a career spanning over five decades. During that time he has presented over 12,000 radio shows for BBC and commercial stations and over 1,000 TV shows mainly for BBC and ITV, but also on satellite.

David brings a wealth of experience to the United DJs team – if you were to sit and write a list of all the top radio stations in the UK – chances are – David has worked for them at some point. He has a passion for radio that once led to him walking out of BBC Radio 2 because the music was too “geriatric”. So David is a music man to the core – his sense of fun and warm personality will bring yet another “star” into the UDJ team.

If we were to list all the places where David has been involved in the entertainment business on this website – we would need page after page, after page!

If you want to know more about David and his amazing career – go take a look at his website: www.davidhamilton.eu/biography.

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