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EMPEROR ROSKO has been “rulin’ the air waves” for about 50 years. For the millions of listeners who enjoy ROSKO with his American accent and international ‘flava’ deliver a really great eclectic selection of upbeat music combined with his insights to local, national and international news, he is the DJ of choice to listen to for a real taste of “PERSONALITY RADIO” that ‘can’t be beat’!!

Over the years he has presented shows on many radio outlets world-wide. Among others, he broadcast in French on Radio Luxembourg, RMC, EUROPE #1 and RTB and in “Spanglish” on NOSTALGIE in Argentina. However, during the 60’s and 70’s he was probably best known for his “pirate radio days” on Radio Caroline and his dynamic show at the BBC. In addition, ROSKO had the world’s first disco Road Show of mega proportions!!

ROSKO’s website is www.emperorrosko.net.

Rosko was born in Los Angeles the son of famed film director/producer, JOE PASTERNAK and actress, DOROTHY DARREL. on 26th December 1942.

EMPEROR ROSKO is in the AMERICAN ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME, THE PIRATE RADIO HALL OF FAME and THE RADIO ACADEMY HALL OF FAME. He was in the first wave of DJ’s to be inducted. In addition, he is ‘largely but loosely’ featured as The Count in THE BOAT THAT ROCKED, www.imdb.com/title/tt1131729.



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