John ‘The RockDoctor’ Kereiff

Born in Victoria, BC, Canada, the son of a nurse and a sailor, I fell in love with music at an early age. As a toddler my first record was “Percy The Friendly Seal”; not too long after that, I stole one of my sister’s Beatles albums, and the die was cast.

I grew up listening to everything that came into the house, and on the radio too.  I started with what my parents and 3 older siblings were bringing home, then started to develop my own taste… Neil Diamond and Creedence Clearwater Revival are still favorites.  In 1971 I heard my first Black Sabbath record and everything changed… and got louder.

In the summer of 1975, going into my last year of high school, I landed my first radio gig at the local station, and it’s been a love affair ever since.  I’ve done other things for a living, sure- those were ‘jobs’.  The only profession I’ve considered a career is radio.

I’ve worked at many radio stations over the years in British Columbia and Alberta, but watched with dismay as the business gave itself over to corporate structures; consolidated resources, pre-programmed playlists on computers, and the almighty bottom line.  It has not been a good place for true music lovers to be. So imagine my delight when UDJ came along; a place for deejays to ply their trade, to share the music that excites them because they’re good songs- not because some bean-counter at head office says you have to!

I get two hours every week to share music with you that I think is worth a listen.  Oh sure there’ll be hits, but there’ll be awesome album tracks, rarities and more, from virtually every genre.  I’m a musical slut, so strap in… it’s going to be quite a ride!

CKQR: Castlegar, BC (5 times)
CKPG: Prince George, BC
CJCI: Prince George, BC
CJAT: Trail BC
CKCQ: Quesnel, BC
CKRX: Kamloops, BC (“K-97”)
CKLZ: Kelowna, BC (“The Lizard”)
CIZZ: Red Deer, Alberta (Zed-99)
CIOI: Rossland, BC (Co-op Radio)

The Newcap Broadcasting Northeast Alberta Hub (worked for all 7 stations at the same time!)
CKSA: Lloydminster, AB
CKWY: Wainwright, AB
CKEY: Wainwright, AB
CJEG: Bonnyville, AB
CJXK: Cold Lake, AB
CILB: Lac La Biche, AB
CHSP: St. Paul, AB

United DJ Radio station

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