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Mike has had a keen interest in audio and loudspeakers for most of his life – following a spell working for a company designing and installing large sound systems in the 70s – he was asked to stand in for a DJ one night, and that was the start of a whole new episode in his life. Since that first nervous evening in Blackburn – Mike went on to run a successful mobile disco around the Manchester area, and work in many of the local clubs which were hot in the late 60s and the 70s – this led to a stint in Norway, and that led to a move to Luxembourg working the club scene that was frequented by many of the Radio Luxembourg DJs.

In a classic “Right Place – Right Time” moment – Mike’s name was proposed by Bob Stewart to the management of 208 when the post of Station Manager suddenly became vacant. So Mike was asked what he thought about joining the team! – and that led to Mike working for RTL (Radio Luxembourg) between 1979 and 1992, leaving just before the final closedown.

After 208 closed – Mike was part of an investment group that applied for, and got, a local FM licence in Luxembourg – Sunshine Radio Luxembourg was born, all in English – with a lot of help from former 208 DJs – Sunshine served the City of Luxembourg and surrounding areas. In his role as Managing Director, Programme Director, DJ, and just about every other role imaginable in Radio – Mike gained a unique skill set, and a deep love of the magical world of radio. Sunshine Radio had a great deal of success gaining audience, and it broadcast from 1993 through to 2003. During 2001 Mike received an offer to buy Sunshine as a going concern – Mike steered the sale through to completion (happy shareholders!) and continued to work as a consultant for the new owners for a further 2 years.

Mike is now retired – and quotes his hobby as being “music” – collecting great tracks has been his on-going passion for decades – sifting out the cleanest, clearest, best possible copies of classic tracks, and sorting through all the modern releases to explode the myth that there “is no good new music” – Mike will be playing a bit of everything on the new fledgling UNITED DJs RADIO, and helping prove that there are great new releases around.

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