Nails Mahoney

Nails Mahoney is from Dublin but has spent most of his life travelling and working abroad…from London to Brussels and from Vancouver to Malta. Since the late 80s, he has been heard on RTE in Ireland, Atlantic 252 in the UK as well as stations in Canada and Thailand. Nails also teaches other radio presenters how to make the most of their talents and operates public speaking courses for the general public. He lives in Malta with his other half, UDJ’s Tracey Lee (Jazzin’ It Up), where they spend their days coaching and creating radio shows. It beats working for a living.

Nails also speaks professionally at conferences such as TEDx, Next. Radio London, ERS Paris as well as hosting his own talks across the UK and Ireland since 2007. Bee Bop Gold was the most listened to radio show in Ireland and highly rated in Western Canada…now it’s on UDJ and happy to be home.


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