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Randall grew up with great US radio in Cleveland, Ohio during the heyday of the 50,000 watt clear channel AM monsters which he loved. So when at university majoring in psychology he minored in radio and television working at WKSU Radio. Then Randall moved to Europe. He worked in Berlin for a cable station, Radio B1, before commercial radio was permitted. Also a reporter for RIAS Berlin producing pop documentary packages with some aired all over Germany. He then joined a couple of pirate stations with the most well known being Radio Caroline in the late 80s under the pseudonym of Chuck Reynolds. From there to the brand new Capital Capital Gold in late 1988 which was just then going full time after being tested at weekends only. The PD Richard Park was the greatest figure in Randall’s career. Not only was he hired to do a daily show as a complete unknown in amongst the line up of the greatest household names in British radio but Park gave Randall lots of leeway to introduce many unknown American hits and ideas( like reverb on the presenter’s mic) and most of all American Doo Wop music. Randall was extremely successful at Capital Gold but after playing oldies for six years he was poached by the new country music station coming to London in late 1994. That project looked great on paper but it went sour quickly due to behind the scenes buyouts and financial wrangling. Next stop national station Virgin Radio 1995 – 1997. Then back to Country 1035 which was now RTL Country 1035 and finally Ritz 1035 where Randall stayed doing daily shows and head of music until Spring 2002 when the ill fated station from day one finally collapsed owing Randall a lot of money which never came. It was then he borrowed some money from the bank and opened his first voice over studio now concentrating just on voice overs for radio, TV, narrations and corporate video work. Then in summer 2005 he was given an offer he couldn’t refuse reconnecting with radio. The new international station BIG L based in the UK with main transmitter in Holland gave Randall a slot that didn’t really intrude on his voice over business, the 5:00pm to 9:00 daily slot. This went on until 2008 when this station too ran into financial difficulties. A sign of the times perhaps. Randall’s voice over business has been going ever since 2002 and continues but now Randall has come back to radio once again joining the new station United DJs which he’s over the moon about. He says, “ It’s going to be great working with guys I’ve always admired and respected. The real pioneers and greats of British radio like Tony Prince who’s the daddy of the whole thing. Great guy”

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