Stuart Busby

Stuart Busby was born and raised in Gloucester until the age of 11 before spending thirty years living in Cornwall.

As young 2 years old he would sit transfixed by Top of the Pops every Thursday night and seemed to spend every waking moment singing.

Music flows through his veins and one of his earliest Radio memories was of hearing the laughing Policeman on Ed Stewart’s Junior Choice.

“My late Mum always had the Radio on during the day and I can still see her doing the housework and singing to the music on the Jimmy Young show”.

By the age of 9 he had discovered Steve Wright on Radio 1, Kenny Everett on Radio 2 , his local station in Gloucester “Severn Sound” and then a few years later fell in love with the late night broadcasts from Radio Luxembourg. Bob Stewart’s late night (and rather saucy) phone in show being a favorite.

His love of Radio even extended to listening to the mellow sounds that Radio 2 used to play during the wee small hours back in the 1980’s after 208 closed down for the night with the likes of Charles Nove and Bill Rennells presenting “Night Ride”.

This bred a real love of ALL kinds of music within him. And his taste’s are many and varied.

Inspired by these broadcasters he spent many hours presenting his own “Bedroom DJ show” as a teenager with discomex twin turntables to spin the vinyl on and an EAP cartridge machine for the jingles. These shows had an audience of two !! Himself and the cat ……………… And the Cat was asleep !

He also became an avid collector of vintage radio shows from the archives after buying and old reel to reel tape machine from a car boot sale when he was 14. The one tape it came with contained a full recording of the “Top 3’s of 1970″ show from Radio 1 presented by Alan Freeman on it.

Stuart now runs a facebook group dedicated to archive radio recordings which has helped to introduce the “older” style of broadcasting to many new young fans of the medium.

This lead (inadvertently) to his own broadcasting career when he put together the very first show of his own to celebrate that groups first birthday.

Now resident in Wiltshire, Stuart has not been broadcasting for long but has already built a strong a loyal following with his various radio show’s on various stations. His listeners have even christened themselves the “Busby Babes & Blokes !

Stuart is delighted to be joining UNITED DJS not just because he feel’s REAL radio presented by REAL DJ’S is returning to the air at long last.

But also because he think’s it’s “vital” to Radio’s future that it returns to the fun of the Pirate station’s from the 1960’s and Radio One and Radio Luxembourg in the 70’s and 80’s.

“Back then you could hear how much the DJ loved what he was doing and what he was playing – The music is very important yes ! but unless the bit’s in between are equally entertaining , you might just as well be listening to your ipod….. I think UNITEDDJ’s is going to remind us all just how GREAT radio can be”.

“I am thrilled to be asked to join the very people that inspired me all those years ago on this fantastic new station”

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