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Tony’s extraordinary career began singing with a north of England group, The Jasons. He became professional when joining the Johnnie Francis Orchestra and doubling up as the Oldham Top Rank venue’s disc jockey. Moving with the band to Bristol from Oldham, Tony ran into the Musician’s Union who expelled him from the union when his bosses at Top Rank used him as their scape goat to test their Keep Music Live campaign. The MU didn’t like records being played in dance venues as they claimed they put musicians out of work. Next Tony found himself on a TV show, Discs-a-Gogo where he compered and advised the producer which bands to book. Tony Blackburn had a record out and Tony persuaded the producer to book him for the show. This was how the Prince became a pirate alongside Tony, Emperor Rosko and DLT on Radio Caroline South. He ended up on Radio Caroline North and learned from the American, Australian and Canadian DJs how to be a proper radio DJ.

After the pirates Tony flew to Luxembourg to start a 16 year career with Radio Luxembourg ‘The Station of the Stars’. After 9 years he came back to live in London where he spent 7 years as the Programme and Promotions Director.

Once his Luxembourg days had come to an end, Tony had an idea. Due to playing DJ mixes on one of his 208 shows and receiving letters from DJs who wanted to know how they could get hold of the mixes the Disco Mix Club was born. 35 years later Tony and his family still churn out the mixes, remixes and megamixes for the club DJs and they still stage the World DJ Championships.

Tony has not only brought himself to United DJs, he has brought 35 years of DMC productions which have never before been played on radio.
The Royal Ruler is back after having had a long sebatical from radio during which time he co-wrote his book The Royal Ruler & the Railway DJ voted Book of the Year in one publication.

Tony: “I’d forgotten just how much I loved radio. It’s great to be back”.

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