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United djs radio has got me interested to buy new music again. #heritagechart United DJs Radio

Posted by Lee Mackenzie on Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Hi Neil. United DJs station and the Heritage Chart – best thing that’s happened to radio and pop/rock music for years! Please say hi to my lovely partner Christine, we’re just chilling out listening, following returning home from a few days away in Tenby, Wales. Big fans of The Vapors, I know you’ve been playing Girl From The Factory lots and lots, great that it had two weeks at number 1… keep up the good work!! Best Wishes. Andy in Churchdown, Gloucester.

It’s great listening to songs that I haven’t heard for years and hearing the brilliant new stuff by artists that are deemed to be too old by commercial radio stations.

Posted by Lyn Stone on Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Great music beautifully presented.. how radio used to be..

Posted by Lee Cave-Berry on Monday, 24 August 2020

Love the Bob Lawrence shows. Makes me laugh every time, so natural and like having a friend pop in for a chat.

Posted by Sheila Wright on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Music content is driven by the DJs not some political correct "Woke" agenda.

Posted by Tom Shorrock on Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Fantastic station that that doesn't play what the boring corporate stations play

Posted by Billy Brown on Friday, 22 May 2020

We're new listeners to UDJs radio. And we love it. We both grew up listening to this music and it never fades. so so many memories. Keep up the excellent work guys.

Posted by Ken Thomas on Friday, 15 May 2020

Fantastic music, great DJs! Radio Luxembourg 208-Style!😊

Posted by Axel Ulke on Monday, 11 May 2020

great music ,great djs.🎼🎸🥁🎹🎺🎷🎧

Posted by Eddie O Toole on Saturday, 9 May 2020

Everything! I've fallen in love with listening to the radio again <3

Posted by Lyn Harden on Saturday, 2 May 2020

Royal Ruler,

All Aussies listening want to thank you for the Tom Waits song.

Earth Wind and Fire cover voice over intro was the type of work only a pro. can deliver.

Happy Christmas to you and Christine. – Steve Cosser

Stuart Busby,

Just love the show Stuart. We are roughly the same age and I identify so much with the music you play. I’m an amateur presenter myself on CR and love it although haven’t been on air for a year now hoping to get back in to … I’ve built myself a full home studio based on a classic Alice Air 2000 mixer …. considering internet broadcasting…. Anyway rambling just love the show mate … love the “Remember to change your knickers” jingle haha I’ve missed this type of radio so much…. Keep.up the great work mate. – Chris Cain

Hi Guys,

Congratulations on creating such a great music-centred radio station,
how refreshing it is to get away from the tired old format that most
commercial radio stations seem to slavishly adhere to. Great music all
the way is absolutely the way to go, music lovers unite. Might I suggest
you take a listen to Natalie McCool’s great track ‘Fortress’ (Choir

Absolutely love the concept of United DJs Radio

Best Regards
Al Mack

Dear Neil Fox,

I heard you recently on the Howard Hughes podcast and just wanted to say how good it was to hear an expert such as yourself voice all the things that I have been thinking about radio for a long time. Radio has changed so much.It now leaves me cold. When radio was produced locally for local people it was wonderful.In my area (Teesside) we had the likes of the genius Graham Robb back in the early 80s on Radio Tees plus Alistair Pirrie. Absolutely brilliant. Now, the likes of Bauer make me sick! It leaves me cold. The same boring, robotic drivel over and over all day.
Your ghost stories were fantastic too.
Thank You Neil.=
Lee Derbyshire

Just a quick line to say thanks for a great radio station. I have been listening from the beginning of your broadcast having seen a blog on Radio Mi Amigo advertising the new station.

Keep up the great work so we don’t have to listen to the other rubbish forced upon us!!

Presently listening in Shoreditch London. Home Town Hornchurch.

Best regards.

Terry A. Young

Hi Tony,

I’ve just come out of hospital after spending a week in Intensive Care and on a High Dependency Unit before getting moved onto a ‘normal’ ward.

Could I suggest that you try and do something to get United DJ’s onto that Hospedia hospital service.

They charge extortionate prices for their TV services (almost £10 per day for less than half of the Freeview channels). But Radio is free. Unfortunately, in London hospitals, the only stations available are R1, R2, R3, R4 & Capital.

All (apart from R2) are crap for daytime listening.

I think that UNITED DJ’s would be a perfect radio station for hospitals.

Kindest Regards.

Tony Moorcroft (Tony King old PWL Mixer / Remixer / Producer)   

Hi. Could you possibly play Girl From The Factory by The Vapors for me. Like many this song has personal meaning. I don’t get much free time to listen but actually have an hour spare now or will be listening again tomorrow – 8pm ( work permitting lol ). Loving the station and play lists. So refreshing compared with the dross that many stations put out. Keep up the good work !. It is appreciated.

Rob Payne

UNITED sounding fantastic down here in Kent by the sea PA! Loving Eddie Kendricks & Brian Protheroe – records sure don’t sound that great these days! Fantastic to hear them cranked up on UDJ 🐍🖤 📻✨

Hi guys Just started listening to your station, it would be great to hear some Glitter Band tracks as they had a few top 10 hits of their own, and its great that you are playing John Coghlan’s Quo’s Lockdown, as it’s a great track.
Neil Hill from Camberley Surrey 🎸🎸🎸

Congrats on the best music broadcast by the best & proper DJs on the planet, a shining Disc in a sky full of radio dross 👍😁😎

Hi Tony or Mike!

I hope this reaches you!

I’ve become a fairly recent listener to UDJ and I have to say I think it’s fantastic! I’d been in radio wilderness for a long time having got so fed up of mainstream bland opinionated stations especially the BBC!

You got me thinking yesterday when you said on your show that buying a UDJ tee shirt would really help the station, the thing is, I really want to help the station but I don’t want a tee shirt or a cap or really any other merchandise for that matter, not because I don’t like it, I just have no use for it! So…. I thought, I’d rather just give £10 than buy anything? Then I went on to thinking, wouldn’t it be a great idea if you had a section in your merchandise where you could perhaps just donate? Or even do a monthly donation towards the station because I see it like this…. I get at least 8 hours a day of quality entertainment every day of the week because UDJ is playing all day for free, I pay £10 per month for Apple Music which I barely use and £7.99 for Audible which again, doesn’t give me half the entertainment UDJ does? With all your loyal listeners I wouldn’t mind betting a fairly high percentage would happily say, join the UDJ club for a membership fee?

Anyway, food for thought maybe? I love the station so much I’d just hate to see it struggle!

Keep up the great work you all do

Lots of love

Jane Watson x

UNITED DJs sounding fantastic down here in Kent by the sea PA! Loving Eddie Kendricks & Brian Protheroe – records sure don’t sound that great these days! Fantastic to hear them cranked up on UDJ 🐍🖤 📻✨

Dear Tony,

You probably don’t remember me. I’m the Australian guy living in London who remembers you from the Caroline and then the Luxembourg days.
I just wanted to let you know just how much pleasure your station provides me with. I was confined to a wheelchair after a mining accident in Africa four years ago so I listen often.
Whilst I keep my business interests going at full pelt, the radio is on constantly and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to a radio station that was practically designed for my tastes.
I used to listen to Roger Day’s online service, but it just did not have the same drive, polish, zest, and professionalism that your outfit has.
You have managed to create an unbelievable monster. Assembling such a large and varied team of international broadcasters is a real credit to you. One of the stations’ most appealing aspects is it Internationalism. None of the terrestrial broadcasters can do it and therefore why not beat the hell out of it?
How you keep the whole team to be so upbeat and on message is a mystery to me.
I would love to visit the station and take you and Christine to lunch. I doubt there would be a lull in the conversation.
Anyway mate, take care keep it up. It is terrific.

Steve Cosser

I see Zoe Ball is paid £1.36 million and to think she’s one of the main reasons I listen to Mike Read in the mornings!

Keep up the great work. Thank Heaven for UDJ radio


Dave Dixon

United DJs Radio concentrate on the music and the djs are proper radio djs, almost takes you back to Radio One in the 80s/Laser/Luxembourg….proper radio in my opinion.

Jason Garrad


I hope I have the correct email address for the station !

I just wanted to say that this morning I was standing in line at my local CO-OP waiting to do my shopping when I was treated to probably the best radio I have heard in decades.

One of the young ladies marshalling the socially distanced queue was playing your station for the crowd on her phone.

The chap on air (Stuart Busby) playing requests was clearly having the time of his life ! The fun he was having was completely infectious and at one point everyone in the line was dancing to the song he played for us.

I can not remember the last time I saw so many happy faces in a shopping queue !

I was unaware of United DJ before but I was so impressed by what I’d heard I came straight home to find it online. What a delight to find that this station allows the Disc Jokeys to chose the music rather than a board of directors. 

It’s Radio as it was when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s.

Just fantastic.

Heart and Radio 2 need to tune in to hear how much fun radio can be.

Please pass on my thanks to the DJ on air at midday and well done to all involved. 

And could you tell me I may download the phone App please ?

I shall be tuning in again.

Mr Andrew Chapell 

Long Buckby, Northamptonshire

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