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Jazzin'It Up | Tracey Lee - United DJs of Malta. Let's jazz it up! Kick off the shoes, relax and listen to my show...Jazz, Swing, Lounge.... A cocktail of sheer class and charisma. This music is Timeless!


Why I'm "Jazzin’ It Up" On UDJ?

It’s all about Genres, not the era!

Personally, I believe this sort of radio works because it not only tells you exactly what’s on the tin, but it includes everyone, all age groups.
I get twenty-somethings sending me postmodern jazz song suggestions to
Over-60s introducing me to Rat Pack style crooners. The audience for my “Jazzin’It Up” Show is growing week by week.
I play jazz, swing, lounge, crooners, Lindy hop.
The playlist list is carefully researched and curated to match "my sound". That’s what I strive for.
Why this genre works so well
It’s got class, sophistication, spice, fun, cheek, it’s smooth, timeless and has a remarkable history!
Singing it, listening to it…it makes you feel good!
Guys want to be as cool as the Rat Pack and girls want to sing like Ella Fitzgerald!
I come from a family of musicians; my grandparents were jazz musicians; Grandad; a pianist/piano tuner at BBC, London and my Grandmother was a singer.
Their son, my uncle a jazz musician (double bass). My Dad, a jazz musician (drums) who played alongside Johnny Dankworth/Cleo Laine, Dudley Moore, Kenny Ball, Tony Russell, Tony Kinsley and Ronnie Scott often playing in Club Eleven and the Flamingo Club. My brother and brother-in-law are performing musicians. I’m surrounded by it!
So jazz and swing is in the genes and I grew up listening to the records of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Doris Day and Nat King Cole.
It’s almost Christmas and with it brings a swarm of well-known singers, musicians, stars releasing swing albums. From Lady Gaga and Robbie Williams to Chris Kamara and Jeff Goldblum.
So why are they hopping on that jazz n' swing train of fun and good vibes?
It’s almost become a tradition; to make your mark in the music industry, you must record a Swing album at some point in your career.
I reckon it declares them as an authentic artist; to sing like their musical idols; legends such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Ella Fitzgerald.
There are so many tribute albums dedicated to great jazz and swing artists from the last century especially.
It tests their musicianship, challenges them…to push their voice and style that little bit further, plus it’s fun to sing like one of your idols who inspired you to sing in the first place.
Michael Buble was inspired by Frank Sinatra and has established himself as “The King Of Swing”, topping the charts and selling out gigs. He earns a very pretty penny and has an adoring amount of fans worldwide. His fame was achieved in a relatively short time in what others would struggle to do for decades.
From a very early age, Michael said; “I wanted to be a singer and I knew that this was the music I wanted to sing”.

Just watch any TV programme or movie, you’re bound to hear a jazz or swing song.
Advertisers believe these songs work because they are easily recognisable, catchy and in turn helps people associate it with their product.

In popular movies - A Bronx Tale, Sleepless In Seattle, Funny Girl to name but a very few…
It’s the genre that gets the most inductions on the big screen. Why? It’s Up-tempo, "feel good” and positive lyrics.

My partner, Nails Mahoney worked on a radio station in Canada called AM600 which changed format from Christian to Swing and the ratings went through the roof. It was around the time Michael Buble was their local boy singing in the clubs, making a name for himself.
They were aiming for the higher age bracket demographic, but were surprised when their highest listenership was men in their 30s!

I started “Jazzin’It Up!” A few months ago on United DJs. I took a chance and it was well worth it!
It’s been in the Global Swing Chart Top 10 three weeks in a row!
This genre of music not only sounds amazing, it has psychological and health benefits too!
Listening to music stimulates your hypothalamus; the part of the brain that regulates breathing, heart rate and triggers emotions.
It releases vast amounts of dopamine, the "feel-good" chemical involved in experiencing pleasure and reward, enhances intelligence, performance and can bring out theta brain waves- the brain circuits used for creativity, increasing relaxation by increasing the alpha waves, where the brain adapts to and matches the rhythm.
This enhances all aspects of brain activity, but after listening, it can tend to copy the improvisational patterns as heard in the music.
Not only that- it slows down your heart rate, relaxes your breathing and lowers blood pressure.
This music just keeps getting better, doesn’t it!?
Dancing helps even more! Those swing notes, polyrhythms, response notes and improvisation do wonders for the body and mind!

How I Curate My Music Track List
I've got a rather good ear for music and always had a talent for this. It’s what drew me to the Radio World. I go with my musical ear, my instinct. A few seconds in and I’ll know if it fits my bill. I’m quick at spotting good music and potential hits.
The energy, the mood. I research each song and believe placement is extremely important, basing this on musical theory - with the right balance of consonant notes (pleasing, soothing melodies, agreeable to the ear) and Dissonant intervals (unsettling, unnerving, cause tension).
Not surprisingly, the most common are consonant notes which are dished out in the dozens in Jazz and Swing songs.
My job is to now sell that music to the listener, my personality and the radio station.
I’m aware that each song triggers an emotion, evokes a memory, creates a feeling.
Other factors come into play; blue notes, chords, bars…there’s a whole mathematics to Jazz & Swing which separates it slightly from other genres.
It’s educational for me, my listener…we’re on a magical Jazzin ’It Up journey together exploring this new and exciting venture.
My ultimate aim each time I do my show is to give my listener at least one earworm…that catchy little annoying song that just goes around and around their heads for days after.
Haha, I’m a lovely person, really!!

But seriously…I love doing this show. It just suits me, fits like a glove, it’s ME!
Thanks to Tony Prince and all the team at United DJs for giving us our home!
"Jazzin’It Up" Tuesdays 7-9PM GMT / repeated Saturdays 5-7am on United DJs.
(Listen Back to each show on Mixcloud )
Tracey Lee

Jazzin’It Up | Tracey Lee – United DJs of Malta. Let’s jazz it up! Kick off the shoes, relax and listen to my show…Jazz, Swing, Lounge…. A cocktail of sheer class and charisma. This music is Timeless!

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