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Adrian’s pop mad teens turned to a radio ambition at around 14 after a kindly aunt had bought him a Christmas present of a Philips battery Radio self-assemble kit. While testing this battery operated radio, quite by chance Adrian found that if he touched part of the circuit, it would interfere with other radios in […]

Mike has had a keen interest in audio and loudspeakers for most of his life – following a spell working for a company designing and installing large sound systems in the 70s – he was asked to stand in for a DJ one night, and that was the start of a whole new episode in […]

There are very few British jazz musicians who have become household names, however Laurie’s work as a pianist, composer, MD and arranger has led to him becoming something of a national treasure. He has a long association with Sir John Dankworth, having been Dame Cleo Laine’s MD, he toured with Engelbert Humperdinck for 5 years […]

Paul’s love of Radio started when he was 9 years old and the proud owner of a pocket AM transistor, discovering the delights of Radio Luxembourg & RNI at nights. He signed up for hospital radio during his misspent “yoof” and also ran what became a reasonably successful mobile disco business ultimately catering to the […]

Pearl’s a singer born in Tuskegee, Alabama having worked with The Flirtations the group who had hits with ‘Jerk it’ ‘Nothing But a Heartache’ ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ ‘Someone Out There’. She went solo and had hits with ‘Action’ ‘Burning Love’ and ‘Fandango Dancing’. Arriving in the UK she appeared on the BBC television show […]

Howard has worked in high profile roles for some of the biggest media owners such as RTL (Radio Luxembourg), the UK’s Independent Radio Network, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Virgin Radio, the Guardian Media Group, ITV, Viacom and BSkyB. His substantial experience at various levels in the broadcast industry has seen him as a […]

Bob has spent his whole adult life working in broadcasting. The bug bit when he was just 13 years old. At 14 he was presenting his own show on hospital radio and even before he left school he was presenting on one of London’s top land-based pirate stations, continuing whilst at art school. As either […]

Les has been a professional DJ since 1979 and was one of the first DJ’s in the UK  to adopt the American “beat matching” (BPM) form of mixing. He was taught to mix by American DJ Greg James who was an understudy of Ritchie Kaczor, the resident spinner at New York’s legendary nightclub “Studio 54”. Les’ mixing skills on […]

Tilly Rutherford has been a music lover all his life from growing up in war torn Coventry. His music career started when he was around 14 as a duo called The Decktills who performed at local working men’s clubs . He then started singing with various groups but realised that it wasn’t for him and […]

Alton’s career started like many DJs in night clubs and disco’s in The UK and Scandinavia. September 1984 was a turning point going into radio and joining Radio Caroline out in the North Sea. After two 3 month stints Alton joined Radio Top Shop in London’s West End, In store radio at its very best. […]

Tony Blewitt started his radio career in England where he worked for several commercial stations, including a “great spell” in Luxembourg from where he broadcast to the U.K. on Radio Luxembourg 208. He was head-hunted (along with the rest of his body) in 1988 by Capital Radio, Transkei, and having transferred to South Africa, he […]

Kenny was always interested in music from a very early age. His Dad played with The Dave Glover band, one of the top Irish showbands in the 1960’s, so music was always around his home. On his 7th birthday, Kenny was given the present of his first pocket transistor radio, at that time, the offshore […]

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