The United Top 30

The Brand New United Top 30 with Shaun Tilley and still at No. 1 The Vapors – Wonderland. Congrats!! The industry’s most exciting new music countdown and radio’s freshest chart! We’re uniting ‘classic’ artists with the very best, emerging talent on The United Top 30. Like to catch up or listen again?:

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New at No. 1 on our brand new @unitedtop30 The Vapors – Wonderland. Congrats! Catch up or listen again?

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Our First United Top 30. What a chart it was… WOW!! @No. 1 Paul Carrack – Sticks and Stones. Like to catch up or listen again?:

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Tony Prince kicks off the first United Top 30 today, Sunday the 15th of November @5pm UK time. United DJs – United Listeners.

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“Welcome to the birth of a new chart, a chart controlled by DJs whose lives have been controlled by their love for music…a chart in which we invite our listeners to participate. This show is dedicated to UDJ’s audience, the 40+ the generations of music lovers who made the hits in their day. We also feature new tunes by new artists which sound like well structured songs in a style we relate to.” Sundays 5-7pm.

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