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Very sad news. RONAN O’RAHILLY, Founder of Radio Caroline, passed away at 2pm today with his carer Ines by his side. He was 79. A great man who changed the face of popular music.

History of DJ – Part 6 – Radio Caroline

History of DJ – Radio Caroline

Tony Prince

Tony Prince pays his respect to RONAN O’RAHILLY, Founder of Radio Caroline who sadly passed away today the 20th of april 2020.

Tony Prince:

Ronan O’Rahilly passed away in care at 2pm Dublin time today. He changed the world and so many of us owe him an enormous debt of gratitude, not just we DJs who worked for him on radio Caroline, but British and European radio listeners who had been starved of music until he came out fighting.

Ronan O'Rahily and Tony Prince

His granddad was part of the Dublin uprising and Ronan had some of him in his blood when he decided to launch his magic floating jukebox. Politicians did not concern him, his hero was John F.Kennedy and Radio Caroline was named after JFK’s daughter. If you go to our web site and scroll down to The History of DJ episodes 6,7,8 and 9 are all built on Ronan’s initiative, passion and love for music and free radio.

I know DJs everywhere who were part of his plan and those who descended from his great idea, will give an extra round of applause for him on Thursday at 8pm UK time.

God be with Ronan, he deserves a special place in heaven and I do hope we’ll all meet again…don’t know where, don’t know when…..

Tony Prince.

Peter Antony


Peter Antony pays his respect to RONAN O’RAHILLY, Founder of Radio Caroline who sadly passed away today the 20th of april 2020.

The Emperor Rosko

Rosko pays his respect to RONAN O’RAHILLY, Founder of Radio Caroline who sadly passed away today the 20th of april 2020.

Winston – Sunday at 2pm

Winston – The Radio Show

Sunday the 26th of April at 14.00 UK time

This Sunday afternoon at 2.00 UK time, we’re very excited to be able to bring you a special programme, Winston – The Radio Show.

Our messages about staying at home to combat Coronavirus have proved so popular with UDJ listeners that Tony Prince suggested we give Winston his own show, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

It was Bob Lawrence who came up with the idea of using “Winston Churchill” to encourage us all to Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay United. “To this day people all over the world acknowledge how Churchill maintained a sense of ‘we’ll get through this’, so it seemed the obvious choice”, said Bob.

“It just so happens that my mate, the actor Ian Swann, does a brilliant characterisation of Churchill. He agreed to provide the voice and I made the promo spots. When Tony suggested that we run a show, I asked Mike Read if he would get involved with the writing. Of course he was delighted. It was always meant to be a serious message presented in a fun way, and it was vital that we didn’t appear to be taking the mickey out of Churchill. I knew that both Mike and Ian are great admirers of his, so I had no need to worry on that front. I produced the show but it was so easy to work with Mike and Ian’s words and acting”.

“The message is a serious one, we know what we have to do, but we can smile while we are doing it, and Winston will, hopefully, help in that direction”.

Winston – The Radio Show is on this Sunday the 26th of April at 14.00 UK time, with a repeat at 23.00 on Tuesday the 28th.

New Show Shaun Tilley

The United Top 30 on Sundays

We’re happy to announce that Shaun Tilley is back on United DJs with a brand new show. The United Top 30.

United DJ Radio station

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